At First Presbyterian, we keep our eyes open for ways to stay engaged with the community. Our newest venture is called Artists in Residence (AiR). We’ve turned a large room in our education building into an artists’ studio. Five established artists, working in partnership, have set up shop there. We’re grateful for the chance to have them come together under our roof to explore their visions and produce their work.

The artists are including an outreach component in their efforts: they will take turns offering art classes, at very reasonable cost, to members of our church and the wider community.  Some courses will be offered as a series of four weekly 90-minute sessions, at $5.00 per session.  Others will be presented as one three-hour session (charge yet to be determined).  In upcoming classes, students will produce dog portraits, watercolor paintings, mosaics, and holiday cards via printmaking.

Coming Sunday, July 15, at 2:30 PM: a 3-hour class on creating dog portraits, using photos of dogs in need of rescue. Fees will be donated to a dog rescue organization.  In a class on Sunday, July 29, students will create simple watercolor paintings.  This 3-hour class will also begin at 2:30 PM.

The complete name of this collective effort is AiR: Breathing New Life into Old Spaces. We are glad to have Gladys, Dawn, Tony, Shari, and Kerri inhabiting our space!

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